Typical L’Osteria – our wine glasses

L'Osteria Antipastiteller mit Weinglas ohne Stil und Weinkaraffee

Typical Italian!

It’s a warm summer evening and you are sitting outside on the terrace of a small Osteria in Italy with a plate of delicious antipasti in front of you and a glass of Italian wine in your hand.

Many a wine connoisseur will moan now: wine in a water glass? No way! But we think: yes, most definitely!

Traditionally, wine was served in a water glass

Because we are not a classy Italian restaurant but an Osteria. And here you are served your wine in the traditional bicchieri da osteria. For many centuries!

Back when the small country guest houses opened in Italy, people drank wine instead of water. And to avoid everybody being drunk all the time during harvest, they mixed their wine with a bit of water. Wine and water were equal beverages and were thus served in the same glasses.


True to the Osteria tradition

Of course, we’re only serving good wine, but regarding our wine glasses, we are very traditional. The same glass for wine and water.

Beyond Italy, the bicchieri da osteria may cause confusion, but if you have ever eaten in a traditional Italian Osteria, you will be taken back in time to this magical place.