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München Schwanthalerhöhe

Opening: June 2018

L'Osteria München Schwanthalerhöhe

Munich has a healthy appetite! The sixth L’Osteria of “Italy’s most northerly city” is set to open on the Schwan ...more

Berlin IV

Opening 2018

L'Osteria Berlin IV

Berlin, Berlin… we’re on our way to Berlin! For the third time, an opening in Germany’s capital city is drawing cl ...more

Berlin V

Opening 2018

L'Osteria Berlin V

Located halfway between the television tower and the Brandenburg Gate, you find not only the Spree and plenty of museums ...more

Düsseldorf Jahnstraße

Opening End 2018

L'Osteria Düsseldorf Jahnstraße

The first L’Osteria in Düsseldorf will be opening soon – just a stone’s throw away from the Kö. This means that ...more

Düsseldorf ISS DOM

Fall 2018

L'Osteria Düsseldorf ISS DOM

Hockey, concerts... and next door the "best best pizza". How awesome is that? The newly built L'Osteria awaits you! ...more


L'Osteria Praha

The waiting will come to an end soon... because the first L'Osteria of Czechia is going to open up and bring the "best b ...more

Marl Herzlia Allee

Opening: June 2018

L'Osteria Marl Herzlia Allee

Yay! End of June, we'll open up the L'Osteria Marl Herzlia Allee! ...more

Jena Leutagraben

Opening: August 2018

L'Osteria Jena Leutagraben

Soon the "best best pizza" will be found, right next to the Jen-Tower! We're looking forward to see you! ...more

Essen Kennedyplatz

Opening: September 2018

L'Osteria Essen Kennedyplatz

It takes two of our restaurants, it seems, to satisfy the appetite of Essen! No worries, the "best best pizza" will soon ...more

München Bauhausplatz

Opening: November 2018

L'Osteria München Bauhausplatz

It's where the Tram stops - but nothing will stop you from eating the "best best pizza" right there! See you soon at L'O ...more

Bonn An der Sürst

Opening: Fall/Winter 2018

L'Osteria Bonn An der Sürst

Right next to Münsterplatz, you'll soon find "the best best pizza". Are you as excited as we are? ...more

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