Our best best pizza is always prepared with love, baked in a stone oven, served delightfully crispy-thin and big enough that the edge sticks out over the side of the plate. And the best part: on request, you can order it with different toppings on each half – perfect for sharing. We prepare the dough according to a secret, traditional Italian recipe, leaving it to rise overnight. The next morning, our pizzaiolos – that’s Italian for “pizza makers” – split it up into exactly equal portions for every single pizza. By the way, a little hint of milk and egg in the doughs helps us to make sure that when it’s baked, the pizza stays crispy on the outside and doesn’t get dry on the inside. In other words: it simply tastes perfetto.




By the way: if you can’t finish your portion alone, non c’è problema. We’re happy to box it for you.
And if you happen to prefer a quiet evening at home: all dishes are available for take-away.

Special notes for specific ingredients:
1with preservatives; 2with food colouring; 3with antioxidants; 4with nitrite curing salt and nitrite; 11with phosphate.