Pasta d’amore for everyone!

Which fresh pasta from our pasta factory, Pastaficio No. 12, can we delight you with today? As with traditional production in Italy, it is the result of many hours working meticulously at the pasta machine at L’Osteria, too. But the unique taste and the possibility to constantly try new, seasonal fillings makes the effort more than worthwhile. Tip: Fresh pasta is marked with “Pasta Fresca” on our menu. Alternatively, we also have “Pasta Secca” (dried pasta) as well as whole-grain penne & whole-grain linguine. If you prefer a particular pasta variety, please let us know!

By the way: if you can’t finish your portion alone, non c’è problema. We’re happy to box it for you.
And if you happen to prefer a quiet evening at home: all dishes are available for take-away.

Special notes for specific ingredients:
1with preservatives; 3with antioxidants; 4with nitrite-curing salt and nitrite; 6sulfurized; 11with phosphate; 13contains alcohol.