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Behind the scenes of the best best pizza and pasta d'amore.

L'Osteria Capuccino

Bella Italia means not only the best best pizza and pasta d’amore, but also enjoying an afternoon in a small bar with some friends with an Espresso macchiato in your hand. With an oak leave poured on top for the gentlemen and a heart for the ladies. Or the Cappuccino you get handed through the …

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L'Osteria Münster Gesamtansicht des Restaurants

Friday night in any given L’Osteria: it is full, a little noisy, the service staff is juggling oversized pizzas through the restaurant and the speakers are playing a mix of Spanish and English music in the background. Tradition but not cliché. Stop, you might think: why is there Spanish music in an Italian restaurant? It’s …

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L'Osteria Nürnberg Pirckheimerstraße Gesamtansicht des Restaurants

Imagine you’re going to see your banker and present him with the following scenario: “I’d like to buy the Italian restaurant that I like to visit myself. It is running well. Every evening, all tables are reserved! They have huge pizzas and delicious pasta! Revenue? I have no idea. They don’t have a cashier and …

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L'Osteria Website auf verschiedenen Endgeräten

From the first idea to the final website it sure felt like an eternity. For countless hours each day, we all gave our best and put in our passion and creativity into this big project: to create a new online home for the L’Osteria. Offline, in the meantime, we redesigned our pizza and pasta boxes …

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L'Osteria Pizza

If you’ve ever enjoyed one of our best best pizzas, you know: size does matter! Because the L’Osteria pizza is so huge that it is larger than the plate and our question “In two halves?” is quite a serious one.

L'Osteria Antipastiteller mit Weinglas ohne Stil und Weinkaraffee

Typical Italian! It’s a warm summer evening and you are sitting outside on the terrace of a small Osteria in Italy with a plate of delicious antipasti in front of you and a glass of Italian wine in your hand. Many a wine connoisseur will moan now: wine in a water glass? No way! But we …

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