Sponso­rizza­zione Del L’Osteria.

I nostri ragazzi in bici – Our Guys on the Bikes

Pedal for the best, best pizza and pasta d’amore! Naturally, we have a heart for cycling here at L’Osteria – typical Italian. The successful team of the Maloja Pushbikers (formerly known as Irschenberger) is starting with the proud support of L’Osteria and plenty of international success! The team took first place at the 104th Six-Day-Race in Berlin, and in March 2015 the team won the tough Revolution Cycling Series in Great Britain. And the Maloja Pushbikers are hungry for more – like the Giro d’Italia on L’Osteria’s home turf.

If you are interested in finding out how we work with the athletes to achieve this goal, we encourage you to visit the website of the Maloja Pushbikers at www.malojapushbikers.com