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Some of them are worth eating really well.




Once the doors open at L’Osteria, you’ll feel like you’re in a typical Italian osteria, where people get together to eat really well and enjoy the company of families, friends, couples, old and young. It is a lively atmosphere, and the delicious smell of authentic Italian cuisine lingers in the air. This is an open, welcoming place, where everyone can be themselves and feel at home.

L’Osteria is famous for the best, best pizza and pasta d’amore. The sizeable pizza is larger than the plate. It is frequently ordered by two persons, with different toppings on each half. And wait until you see the pasta! … more


While our guests find a real home with authentic Italian flair and the best, best pizza and pasta d’amore, we offer even more to our employees. We invite you to help us shape the L’Osteria home and bring life to it… more


From A, for Augsburg, to Z, for perhaps Zarrentin in the future – you can find all L’Osteria restaurants in Germany. Have a look around. It’s just like a culinary trip to Italia… more