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Opening Spring 2017

L'Osteria Lüneburg

How fortunate that best best pizza in town is soon available in Lüneburg. Pasta d’amore, fresh salads and heavenly do ...more


Opening Spring 2017

L'Osteria Erlangen

Coming soon: the best of the best pizza are coming to Erlangen! You just have to stay patient until the beginning of 201 ...more


Opening Spring 2017

L'Osteria Karlsruhe

All roads lead to L’Osteria! Karlsruhe, the second largest city in Baden-Württemberg, is well-known for its unique la ...more


Opening Spring 2017

L'Osteria Castrop-Rauxel

Castrop-Rauxel will soon go from the “European city in the country” to the pizza metropolis because the best of the ...more

Linz II

Opening Spring 2017

L'Osteria Linz II

Double tastes better. And the very best, that’s our huge pizza. That’s why the second L’Osteria in Linz will be op ...more

Berlin Mahlsdorf

Opening Sommer 2017

L'Osteria Berlin Mahlsdorf

Shopping friends will soon be able to enjoy the best of the best pizza and pasta d’amore on the B1/B5 in Berlin – in ...more

Köln Ehrenfeld

L'Osteria Köln Ehrenfeld

There will soon be culinary goings-on in the fourth city district of Cologne: with the best of the best pizza and pasta ...more

München VI

Opening 2017

L'Osteria München VI

Munich has a healthy appetite! The sixth L’Osteria of “Italy’s most northerly city” is set to open on the Schwan ...more

Berlin IV

Opening 2018

L'Osteria Berlin IV

Berlin, Berlin… we’re on our way to Berlin! For the third time, an opening in Germany’s capital city is drawing cl ...more


Opening Sommer 2017

L'Osteria Southampton

Hello again! England is heading into round two: because the island just can’t get enough of good Italian food. That’ ...more

Berlin Mitte

Opening Sommer 2017

L'Osteria Berlin Mitte

Berlin is huge – just like our pizzas. So we’ll shortly be opening a second L’Osteria in the capital. More precise ...more

Berlin V

Opening 2018

L'Osteria Berlin V

Located halfway between the television tower and the Brandenburg Gate, you find not only the Spree and plenty of museums ...more

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