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Behind the scenes of the best best pizza and pasta d'amore.

A lot happened over the past year – we celebrated the opening of 15 new branches and served up around 6,000,000 pizzas for the whole year while using 1,980,000 tonnes of flour! A major step was also taken forward taken in training and dual study programmes: both are now available in more cities, offering tremendous […]

For almost ten years, Caroline Dippold has been our interior designer here at L’Osteria. Her team brings our restaurants to life during the labour-intensive period before each new opening – the time between the initial planning on paper up until the final touches are made. She develops an individual concept for each site, tailored to […]

A song about friendship, love and joie-de-vivre – everything that L’Osteria stands for: Armando Quattrone, the successful Italian newcomer in Germany, has dedicated his latest song to L’Osteria! The singer-songwriter also produced the video to the song in our restaurant. We think this homage to Bella Italia is well worth a look and a listen. […]

The recipe for our pizza dough is a closely guarded secret which we have passed on from one pizza chef, or ‘pizzaiolo’, to the next since 1999. The recipe originally comes from our Sardinian pizzaiolo Mario. Long before Friedemann and Klaus, the founders of L’Osteria, took over their favourite restaurant on Pirckheimerstraße in Nuremberg, Mario […]

Savoury or sweet? The good news is that you can enjoy one after the other at L’Osteria! After you’ve enjoyed our savoury pizza e pasta, we will be happy to serve you our heavenly dolci. So the question should really be: which of the delicious combinations of main course and dessert should I go for […]

Fresh pasta doesn’t only taste delicious in Italy – it’s just as good at L’Osteria. And because we wanted to know exactly how our pasta is produced, we began the process of setting up our own pasta factory in Nuremberg, Germany in 2013.   We started small: With only 5 pasta machines and the initial […]

What we see sparkling as a dark amber colour in the glass is actually an Italian lemonade with the unique, bitter-fruity taste of Chinotto. Chinotto is a small, round citrus fruit – about as big as a ping pong ball and probably related to the bitter orange. Despite its distinctive taste, no-one outside of its […]

A dream job in the eyes of many who like to go out to eat – it’s all in a day’s work for the restaurant tester: order pizza, order dessert and then round off the evening with a drink. The profession generally known as “mystery shopper” –a way of ensuring that every customer can enjoy […]

L'Osteria Kaffeezubereitung mit Milchschaum

A cup of coffee – for most people a simple push of a button is enough and the brown gold runs into the cup. But not for true baristas. For them, preparing the perfect cup of coffee is an art and a science at the same time. About flavors and the right storage First and foremost, […]